Why my mother is the greatest

My mother isn’t the the typical kind of mom you see everyday. She’s very….”in the know”. If you know what I mean. And I guess you don’t. So anyway, lemme prove it to you.


My mom loves music. Always been a part of her. She knows everything pop, hiphop, or basically whatever new Usher song being played on the radio. She loves Usher, Backstreet Boys, J.Lo, new wave, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Jessie J and anything you can label as “lively music”. Y’know stuff that will make you groove and keep you awake. Whereas I love U2, The Script, Snow Patrol and anything alternative rock. Thank you very much.


Blueberry, strawberry, oreo… name it, and she’ll whip it. I bet you can’t do that huh?


Okay so I totally respect the fact that she loves Jimmy Alapag. I mean this is a free country right? We are all entitled to our own opinions and choices (although I think Caguioa is a better choice….kidding!) So, yeah she’s Jimmy Alapag’s number one fan. She will tell you that Alapag’s the greatest PBA player to date and the most “appealing”. Plus she thinks he’s hot. Really hot. (And because its Mother’s Day yesterday, I won’t argue anymore).

So Ma, I know this post is a day short of Mother’s Day but better late than never right? Besides I was too DEPRESSED last night to create this (you know why). Anyway, theres gazillions more reasons why you’re the greatest. Its just that it might take days for me to finish it. Plus, I still have “Ginebra-lost-to-Talk-N-Text” trauma so I’m not yet in a healthy state to write. Maybe wait a month or so for me to be back to normal again. But even then, I guess I’ve made you pretty happy seeing that our team sacrificed the championship for your very….empowering team. And I know you’re pretty pysched about that. Plus what else can I do? Its mother’s day and you know I’d rather see Ginebra lose than see you cry ‘cuz your dear Jimmy Alapag didn’t win BPC for the 2nd time in a row. Okay, okay I promise to be a sport. And a sport I will be. Anyway, congrats Mom. And belated happy mothers day 🙂 I love you always and okay, for your sake I will admit that yes indeed, Jimmy Alapag is kind of hot. KIND OF.

                                                         THE JIMMY APALAG 😛


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