Band Addiction

      I think I’m becoming insanely addicted with bands. Every single day, I go to Youtube and randomly click on bands I’ve never listened to before. Bands like The Maine, The Cab, The Icarus Account and various bands whose names begin with the word THE. It’s extremely addictive though I never really understand why I do this. Like, today I’ll let myself get lost in the mesmerizing music of Mayday Parade until I memorize the lyrics of the choruses of their most popular songs. And then tomorrow, I’d probably forget about them and listen to All Time Low. New day, new band. I just can’t stop. It’s like I’m looking for something and not knowing what I’m looking for. Like the prefect song that can pierce my heart or something. But I gotta tell you, I’ve heard hundreds of songs just this past week and majority of them has successfully made me cry (most especially The Icarus Account). But despite bumping into these beautiful songs on Youtube, there’s still something nagging inside me. Telling me not to stop. That there is something more amazing that’s just waiting to be discovered. So I don’t stop. Everyday, I say hello to a new band. Everyday, I stumble upon their awesome lyrics and sing along with them. Everyday, I get to know these geniuses behind these wonderful tracks. Everyday, I cry. Because these songs, these symphonies they’ve written are dope. They’re like the future Beethovens or Mozarts or all those guys with thick white hair who’ve made real music over the ages. These bands write stuff that goes straight to my heart leaving holes in it. And yeah it’s really painful but it’s kindda sweet to actually listen to songs that mirror your exact feelings because somehow, these songs, they’re the only way for you to express yourself and what you really feel.

       I don’t know when I’ll ever stop listening to bands. Maybe when I found the perfect song that matches what I truly feel or maybe never at all because everyday, there’s a new feeling building up inside me and somehow, for some unexplainable reason, I need to find a song that suits that.


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