13 Uninteresting and Irrelevant Facts about the Gothic Sweetheart (in random order)

1. I was born to write.

2. I’m incredibly narcissistic.

3. I like old school alternative-punk-rock bands.

4. I think Lebron James should never have left Cleveland.

5. I can’t help but wonder if my family abducted me from The Addams Family.

6. I like to say I’m good at playing piano but actually, it’s a lie.

7. Books are more important to me than Oxygen itself.

8.  I’m part of the YFC and I’m freakin’ proud of it.

9. Sometimes I wish my life was based on a Twilight Zone episode.

10. I prefer taking photographs than being the subject of somebody else’s.

11. Most of the time, my expectations are far better than reality.

12. I like superhero films especially the MARVEL kind.

13. As corny as it may sound, I believe in fairy tales and happily ever afters.



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